california desert love

these sweet desert dwellers invited us out to the desert to capture their super-honest-free-spirited-love. these two take the road less traveled by & really know how to live life to the fullest. we had the most amazing time with them!!! we started out by sharing a pizza & then piled into their cute little rubicon & started our adventure through the desert. it was so quiet & tranquil out there, we not only fell in love with amanda & jon, but the desert as well. OMG, we especially love the set of them among the california sun & joshua trees. & oh how that desert wind was also running wild blowing our hair all around free as well as amanda’s. we cannot tell you how happy these two made us in our hearts, jon filled our minds with so many interesting facts about the area, knowledge that we will always have with us, & amanda is not only one of the most real & giving people we have ever met, but she stole our hearts with her beautiful spirit. we cannot wait for their upcoming rustic-vintage desert wedding!

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