hi lovelies! we are the madeulook girls ,christina, alie & marielle!
i’m christina & am the primary photographer, dreamer, inspirer of the group, alie is the charming second shooter & the brains of the outfit, marielle is our talented videographer & is responsible for making us all laugh. :) it is fantastic that you are here, we are so delighted that you want to know more about us. we hope our work not only puts a smile on your face but also makes you want to do your happy dance! ;)
we are not one to toot our own horn saying all kinds of great things about ourselves, but if you would like to know more about how we roll, it has been very well written by a few of our most recent clients,
from the mouths of jeff & andy:
“Thanks for having fun with us and making us look sexy and swanky. If I didn’t mention it before, your guys’ personality, passion, and professionalism puts us at great ease about our wedding photography.”
katelyn & scott write:
The three of you guys were/are amazing. You all have proven that the art of photographing weddings doesn’t have to be monotonous & cliche’. Katelyn and I are so incredibly thankful we didn’t settle on another stereotypical photographer to capture our awesome lil’ night at the Guild House, and the proof is in the puddin’. You three were such an important part of our night and we’re so appreciative that you all were available to share it with us. Again, thanks for everything, you guys are freakin’ awesome!”

& did i mention we LOVEEE to travel so bring us to you, wherever that may be…
& thanks for stopping by ;)

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